Analysis on Rear Window: A Triple-Dimensioned Voyeuristic Hierarchy | 影片《后窗》解析:三重维度的窥视层级
    The film endows the act of looking with a sense of power and control. The essay argues that throughout the development of the plot, Hitchcock gradually builds up an organic visual-power hierarchy, from top to bottom, the dimension of audience, the dimension of Jeff the voyeur, and the dimension of Lars and the neighbors who are peeped at.The essay focuses on the scene in which Lars Thorwald, the salesman who murders his wife, found out Jeff’s knowledge about his crime through Jeff’s voyeuristic POV. The scene serves as a turning point between the previous nine-tenths methodical construction of visual-power hierarchy and the latter one-tenth turbulent destruction. It is a perfect example of Hitchcock’s insightful understanding of psychology and ingenious manipulation of mise-en-scene.